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How To Use a Generator Safely

(Family Features) As temperatures drop, the risk of severe winter weather conditions and sudden power outages rise. Preparing your family ahead of time can help minimize the impact of a power loss. Having an emergency preparation plan lets your family immediately shift into a proactive stance when an unexpected event, like power loss, occurs. Your…
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What Is Home Pulse?

Our Home Pulse Home Maintenance Program takes the routine (and sometimes mundane) home maintenance tasks off your mind. A home that is properly maintained keeps your costs down, since small problems do not become huge expenses. We schedule regular visits to inspect and correct the systems and components of your home. Your customized plan fits your home…
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Types of Filters in a Forced Air System

Filters in a Forced Air System Filter should be clean to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.  There are three types of filters: Disposable: These have a cardboard frame and a spun fiber filter.  Throw them out when they are dirty and replace. These can be bought at hardware stores or online. Washable:…
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Heating System Maintenance

Thermostats: For every degree you set back your thermostat (either to a cooler temperature in the winter or a warmer one in the summer), you should see about a 2% savings on your energy bill. Set your thermostat back a few degrees at night.  Ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees.  Time to…
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