Disinfection, Sanitizing, and Deep Cleaning

Plan NOW, so You Can Open as Soon as Maryland Allows

We value you and your business as a part of our community.

Although everything is on the crazy and uncertain side right now, we do know that businesses will re-open and our lives can adjust to a “new normal.”  As we prepare for the return to life, we need to plan and take proper precautions to protect our communities, co-workers, and customers.

If you are continuing to operate as an Essential Business, sanitation needs to be part of your daily routine. If you are closed for the time being, sanitation needs to be part of your re-opening process.  We provide deep cleaning and sanitation, including application of a CDC-approved disinfectant that is effective against the COVID-19 virus. 

Improvement Zone can now clean and sanitize both large interior areas and massive exterior venues, from a small office break-room or convenience store to a sports stadium. Our teams are trained and protected, and our equipment is designed for the application of the chemicals.  Our process and chemicals are safe for human contact immediately after cleaning and sanitizing, even when wet.

One of the keys to disinfecting a contaminated surface is proper cleansing of the surface prior to disinfection.

Outdoors, power washing with heat and steam will quickly remove layers of dirt and grime while killing bacterial and viral pathogens, leaving you with a sterilized area. (Simply sanitizing over dirt and grime can leave bacteria and viruses thriving under a protective layer of dirt and oil.) Cleansing while sanitizing is superior to just fogging, wiping, or applying with a garden sprayer. 

Indoors, we can provide janitorial services through a trade partner to clean the dirt and grime before we sanitize and apply disinfectant.

Essential Businesses

It is important that proper sanitation techniques are being followed if people are touching your property every day. Our cleaning crews are trained to clean everywhere our micro droplet machines can reach.  We do not utilize foggers; they do not allow enough dwell time (up to 10 minutes) for the chemicals to kill the virus.  Our machines create larger droplets that do not soak the surface but provide a wet dwell time of 60 seconds (which is how we incapacitate the COVID-19 virus.) 

We’d like to set up a routine cleaning that works with your schedule.  We can visit each day, or we can set up a cleaning station, or travel from cart corral to cart coral cleaning all day long.  You will receive a new laminated sanitation certificate each day the service is performed stating what was sanitized, when, and with what chemicals.

Closed Businesses

– We understand that spending a dime when you are closed is a hard decision.  We can sanitize the inside of your business and provide a deep clean if you don’t have a janitorial staff. Of course, we will work with you to develop payment plan or invoice you after you open again.  When you open, you pay.  Cleaning now allows you to open with confidence and the window certificate with the date of sanitation lets your customers know their health is in your best interest.

What you do today, for the health and safety of the community, employees, and customers, may be one of the most important decisions you can make during this trying time.  Start looking towards the positive time when COVID-19 is under control and you reopen. It will come so be prepared. Don’t get caught in a backlog or with sub-par service.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at our Main Office at 443-221-4661

What areas should you consider cleansing and sterilizing? 

  • Shopping carts
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Stadiums 
  • Subway stations-if they can get wet
  • Bus stops 
  • Park Benches 
  • Railings (parking garages) 
  • Playground equipment 
  • ATMs – Hand clean
  • Gas Pumps -Hand Clean
  • Bleachers 
  • Restaurant Patio Furniture 

Disclaimer: COVID-19 is a novel Coronavirus. On March 3, 2020 our main chemical was approved by the CDC to be effective in killing the COVID-19 virus.  Recontamination can occur from many sources; routine cleaning is recommended. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at 443-786-9473 or our Main Office at 443-221-4661. Although we are detailed and follow the RIA procedure recommendations we cannot guarantee that any cleaning is 100% effective or that it will not be re-contaminated by the next user.