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Saving energy and your money

This is our newest division. We are proud members of the Building Performance Institute and partners with Home Performance with Energy Star through BGE, SMECO, and DelMarVa Power coming soon. As energy specialists, we are serious about saving energy and helping you save on your utility bills. With two Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analysts and envelope Specialists on staff, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand how your home is performing. Our state of the art equipment and software finds energy savings for your home, improving your comfort, while significantly reducing your energy costs. We assess the whole house, make recommendations and offer options so you can save energy every day. We will even help you find rebate and discount programs.

The Process


Our Energy Efficiency Program starts with questions for you. Do you want lower utility bills? Are there cold areas in your home during the winter? Have you noticed water infiltration, unusual odors, drafts, holes or gaps in any area of your home? Tell us about the history of your home while we conduct a physical/visual inspection. We may climb the roof and crawl through the basement, making notes, taking measurements and pictures, collecting building specifications, appliance information, health/safety data, and documenting the conditions.


What to Expect

An Energy Audit consists of tests that analyze a homes' energy efficiency. Your auditor will find energy losses through a series of tests with state-of-the-art equipment. We are able to identify where energy loss could be eliminated or reduced, resulting in a remarkable decrease on your energy bills.

  • The Blower Door Test reveals how much air is leaking out of your house. A powerful fan depressurizes the home and then determines the rate that air re-enters the building. You will be able to see where air is leaking.
  • Our Infrared Thermal Image Scan Camera lets us see inside the walls. The cameras see where there are temperature variations, which means outside air is leaking into the home.
  • Combustion Safety Test checks the CO level of the exhaust gasses to ensure that complete combustion is occuring. We also perform a draft test on all flues to make sure the gasses are going up the chimney, not into your home. All combustion appliances will be tested and results provided to you.

The data is collected and evaluated. You receive a comprehensive report with recommendations to replace or upgrade to reduce energy consumption. Together, you and Improvement Zone can determine a scope of work that will enhance your home’s safety and health, while increasing the energy efficiency.

After we complete the upgrades, we re-test the home. You will be amazed at the improvement!
Currently there are rebates available to applicable repairs based on the energy audit. We will assist you in applying for applicable rebates from your energy provider.

Is it for me?

Energy Savings

When deciding if you need an energy audit, a good rule of thumb is 10 cents per square foot. If your highest utility bill divided by the square footage of your home is 10 cents per square foot or more, you have room for improvement. For example, a $200 electric bill divided by a 2,000 square foot house would be 10 cents a square foot. This home would have room for improvement. The higher the cost per square foot, the more room there is for improvement.



“I had Improvement Zone weatherize my home. The results from the energy audit re-test were astounding. I am very glad I had the work done. The company is very pleasant to work with and I have proof that they know what they are doing!”

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