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Home Pulse Deployment

We honor our service members

Since we have very close ties to the military, (our owner is a US Marine and grew up in a Navy family), we developed our Home Pulse Deployment package. Specifically designed for military members who deploy, Improvement Zone will keep your home in good condition while you are gone. Your family members know that Improvement Zone is only a phone call or an email away. When they need us, we will be there.

We will give you peace of mind

Military family

All active duty service members qualify for our Home Pulse Deployment Package. All service members, whether active duty or retired, are eligible for a military discount on any projects.

Whether you are home or away, you can trust Improvement Zone to make sure everything runs smoothly with your home's systems and components. We keep your family protected, your home in tip-top condition, and let you concentrate on coming home safely.

The Process

Quite simply, when a service member is serving elsewhere, Improvement Zone is caring for the home. If the water main breaks in Norfolk, Virginia and you are in Dubai, just one email and Improvement Zone is on the way. We check on the home regularly and send a report, including pictures, of the work completed. The cost is affordable and you receive a discount on labor rates for projects we are complete.



"Improvement Zone replaced the stove in my house to make it more attractive to renters. I also used them when my water main busted and I was out of the country, on deployment! Best service in the area and their guarantee is unbeatable!

"Thank you. The job was done very well, and I appreciate the rapid response. I would recommend this service to others."

For more details on the Deployment Program view our informational brochure.

Deployment Brochure