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Fix and Repair
Yes, we can do that.

Our talented staff has the knowledge and expertise to complete the repair projects you want done. From the roof to the basement, we provide professional work and guarantee our work for one year. We work with your schedule, and give you a timeframe for completion. Whether you need help inside or outside your home, we are dedicated to providing the best in home repair.

Our Process

Is your home not quite perfect? Our talented crew will bring out the best in your home. From the roof to the basement, you will see what a combination of up-to-date industry knowledge and detailed workmanship can do for your home. Are leaks, bumps, bulges, funny noises, chilly rooms, high utility bills, or plain ugliness bothering you? We evaluate the area and give you an assessment of the problem and recommendations for repair or replacement work. Most repair or replacement work can be finished in a few days, letting you enjoy the change in your home very quickly.

There are four easy steps for you to have almost any repair, replacement or installation work completed. It’s as simple as that!

• Schedule a time for you to meet us so we can see the area and discuss the work with you.
• Receive a written proposal, including the scope of work, the cost of labor and materials and the timeframe needed to complete the job.
• Review the proposal and call us to discuss any aspects.
• Schedule the work. Generally, the person completing the work is the same person you met for the evaluation.

What to Expect

Repair, replacement, and installation work is fast. The crew will arrive and clear a work area to bring in materials and tools. The next thing you know there is a big hole where that ugly water stain was, or your bathtub is going out the door. Maybe a ladder is against your house and the crew is wearing fall protection gear to repair the roof. Within hours or a day or two, depending upon the project, the work is finished and your home is safer, healthier, and better looking.

Is it for me?

If you don’t have the time, the knowledge or the tools to complete a repair, contact us. Here are some projects of the most popular requests:

Roof repair
Tile & Grout
Leak repair
Doors & Windows
Pressure Wash
Light plumbing
and more


"[Improvement Zone was] very courteous, professional, and offered responsive service. It started with a very customer-friendly website and responsive e-mail and telephone service, and ended with a very friendly and trusting technician who did phenomenal work. All I needed was a 26-yr old exterior door threshold replaced; however, because that didn't take but half the 2-hr minimum, he did additional repair work (fixed faucet pressure and a couple door jams). I will use Improvement Zone again and highly recommend them to others. Note that I was fortunate enough to get the owner, Nick, a really good guy and former Marine! "

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