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ReSale Boost
Getting your home SOLD

Are you getting ready to put your home on the market? Let us look at your home as a prospective buyer would. We will let you know what buyers are going to notice, so you can have the repairs completed before any buyers turn away. Has an inspector looked at your home already? Show us the list of items and we will take care of them so your house is in top condition for buyers. When you move to your new house, Improvement Zone will help you make it your home, whether you want a few touch-ups or a remodel.

Is It for me?

• You want your home to stand out from the competition
• You need to sell quickly, at the highest price possible
• You are a Realtor with languishing listings
• Your parents are moving out of their home and need assistance
• You are investor and want to resell properties quickly
• You are a landlord who needs repairs and touch-ups between tenants



“We showed Improvement Zone our list of recommendations from the inspector. Since we were closing on the house soon, we needed the work completed quickly. The representative was able to give us a very fair price and the office accommodated our tight schedule. I highly recommend them!”

For more details on the ReSale Boost program view our informational brochure.

ReSale Boost Brochure


The Process

ReSale Boost

Improvement Zone knows what it takes to get a house sold in this market. You may have a list from an inspector or we can walk through with you and make recommendations. We understand the time is of the essence when preparing to sell your home. Give us a timeframe and we complete the work quickly and efficiently.




What to Expect

ReSale Boost is similar to our Repair, Replacement, and Installation division. It is the easiest way to get your home ready to impress buyers or renters. Once you decide which projects you would like us to take on, our crews go to work. Whether we are touching up paint, putting in new flooring, or updating a bathroom, each job receives the same meticulous attention to detail. Depending upon the extent of the work, your home or property is ready for the market in the fastest time possible.