Does your home need repairs? We evaluate the problem and give you an assessment and recommendations for repair or replacement work. Most repair or replacement work can be finished in a few days, letting you get back to enjoying your home quickly.



Whatever you dream, Improvement Zone can help make it a reality. to make the process as smooth and non-disruptive as possible. We navigate you through the design, planning, scope of work, and leave you with new living space you will enjoy for many years.



Our state of the art equipment and software and extensive training finds energy savings for your home, improving your comfort, while significantly reducing your energy costs. We assess the whole house, make recommendations and offer options so you can save energy every day.

Improvement Zone Specialized Services

RESALE BOOST: Selling your home can be a challenge. You must present your home in the best possible way to potential buyers. Improvement Zone has over 30 years of home buying and selling experience. Improvement Zone puts ideas and talent to work for you.

HOME PULSE: Home Pulse keeps your home safe, healthy and in good condition. The first step is a free evaluation covering all aspects of your home, from the roof to the basement. You receive a copy of the evaluation for review. Then we meet with you to choose the plan that works best for you, your home or property, and your budget.