We are proud members of the Building Performance Institute and a Participating Contractor for BGE and SMECO HPWES (Home Performance with Energy Star) programs. As energy specialists, we are serious about making your home more comfortable, helping you save energy, and lowering your utility bills. An Energy Audit will evaluate the energy usage in your home. The Energy Audit Report gives you recommendations and offers options so you can save energy every day.

An Energy Audit consists of tests that analyze a homes’ energy efficiency. Your auditor will find energy losses through a series of tests with state-of-the-art equipment. We are able to identify where energy loss could be eliminated or reduced, resulting in a more comfortable living environment and a decrease on your energy bills.

We are approved for residential, commercial, and Maryland Government Energy Audits.

  • The Blower Door Test reveals how much air is leaking out of your house. A powerful fan depressurizes the home and then determines the rate that air re-enters the building. You will be able to see where air is leaking so you know the best places to seal.
  • Our Infrared Thermal Image Scan Camera lets us see inside the walls. The cameras see where there are temperature variations, which means outside air is leaking into the home.  Outside air can also cause moisture issues and poor indoor air quality.
  • Combustion Safety Test checks the CO level of the exhaust gasses to ensure that complete combustion is occurring.  Complete combustion is important to ensure you are not sending unburnt fuel up the chimney, creating Carbon Monoxide (CO), and wasting money. We also perform a draft test on all flues to make sure the gasses are going up the chimney, not into your home. All combustion appliances will be tested and results provided to you.

The data is collected and evaluated. You receive a comprehensive report with recommendations to replace or upgrade to reduce energy consumption. Together, you and Improvement Zone can determine a scope of work that will enhance your home’s safety and health, while increasing the energy efficiency.

After we complete the upgrades, we re-test the home. You will be amazed at the improvement!