Commercial Power Washing

Pressure-treated Wooden Deck and Composite Deck Cleaning Services:

Pressure-treated Wooden Decks:
Most wooden decks are suffering from mold, algae and oxidation which is due to exterior weather conditions usually caused by lack of direct sunlight, humidity, moisture, and condensation. Our process is to chemically treat the entire wooden structure with a caustic powder which immediately begins to break down the topical agent while seeping directly into the wooden pores. This process will remove any existing stain, paint or discoloration without compromising the integrity of the wood.

Composite Decks:
When you purchased your extremely expensive Composite Deck material you were sold on the idea of never having to paint, seal or maintain it again and man, were they incorrect. Regardless of the manufacture of your composite material, ALL of them hold moisture and in the event they were installed too tight against one another then they really promote the ideal breeding ground for Mold. The manufacture strongly suggests and warns against Power Washing the material out of concern for permanent scoring and destroying the overall appearance… well at least they were correct on that part. Our process is to professionally steam clean and chemically treat away the mold. This process is 100% effective and will not harm the integrity of the material. Heat is a critical component to ensure proper cleaning and can, in no way, be substituted with cold water cleaning

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