Home Pulse

Our Home Pulse Program is your “Peace of Mind” for your home. This service takes the routine home maintenance tasks off your mind. A home that is maintained properly keeps your costs down, since small problems do not become huge expenses. Our program brings you regular on-going visits to inspect and maintain the systems and components of your home.

Who is a good candidate for our Home Pulse Maintenance Program?

  • Homeowners who would rather do something else with their time.
  • Aging homeowners concerned about keeping their home’s value through regular maintenance.(This program also works for people concerned about maintenance in their parents’ home.)
  • Owners of rental properties or out-of-area owners with a second home or vacation home.
  • Licensed and insured team members with knowledge and expertise in all your home’s systems and components.
  • A reliable team member you know and trust and is familiar with your home.
  • Regularly scheduled inspection visits with the opportunity to tell us ahead of time if there is anything else that needs attention.
  • A written report after each visit explaining what was done during the visit and recommending any repairs or updates.
  • Preferential scheduling for all of your home improvement projects.
  • Special appointments for urgent matters needing immediate attention.
  • A discount on labor costs.

Home Pulse keeps your home safe, healthy and in good condition. The first step is a free evaluation covering all aspects of your home, from the roof to the basement. You receive a copy of the evaluation for review. Then, we meet with you to choose the plan that works best for you and your budget. Included in the plan:


At Improvement Zone, our first priority is excellent customer service. We are committed to providing a timely, trustworthy, and trouble-free experience.