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Who is a good candidate for our Home Pulse Maintenance Program?

Homeowners who would rather do something else with their time.

Aging homeowners concerned about keeping their home’s value through regular maintenance.  (This program also works for people concerned about maintenance in their parents’ home.)

Owners of rental properties benefit from reduced rent withholding cause by disrepair.

Vacation homeowners need more than a property manager to maintain a second home, they need a maintenance and repair expert.


What we do

We look at the entire house as a system and make repairs and recommendations beyond “The toilet is running, or the sink is dripping” that a property management company offers.

We send licensed and insured team members, with knowledge and expertise, in all your home’s systems and components to perform the work and reports.

We aim to use the same reliable team member, that you get to know and trust, so that they are familiar with your home.

We come at regularly scheduled intervals for inspection visits.  This allows you the opportunity to tell us ahead of time if there is anything else that needs attention.

A written report after each visit explains what was done during the visit, any recommended repairs, and general updates about your property.

We give our Home Pulse clients preferential scheduling for all of your home improvement projects.

Do you need a special appointment for an urgent matter needing immediate attention?  We will find a team member and get the repair started.

Home Pulse clients also receive a discount on labor costs.

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Home Pulse keeps your home safe, healthy, and in good condition. The first step is a free evaluation covering all aspects of your home, from the roof to the basement. You receive a copy of the evaluation for review. Then, we meet with you to choose the plan that works best for you and your budget. 

Exterior of home with gabled roof and wrap around porch.
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At Improvement Zone, our first priority is excellent customer service. We are committed to providing a timely, trustworthy, and trouble-free experience.