Services Offered By Home Improvement Zone


Fix and Repair

Our talented crew will bring out the best in your home. We are dedicated to providing the best in home repair.



Has your family outgrown your kitchen? Do you want a master suite or are you ready for a bright sunroom? Whatever you dream, we can help make it a reality.


Home Pulse

A home that is maintained prevents small problems from becoming huge expenses. We regularly schedule visits to your home.


Energy & Efficiency

We are energy specialists serious about reducing your energy use. Call us to make your home more comfortable and cut the cost on your utility bills.


Residential Powerwashing

Jiffy Window Washers Now Owned By Improvement Zone, LLC which is a proud family owned company serving all of Maryland from Service Area DC to Hunt Valley to Easton-Immediate since 2007!!


Commercial Powerwashing

To bring you the best solutions we are always learning. We keep up with the rapid changes in the industry and the technology of building science. This allows us to discuss with you the features so you can make informed decisions.

Improvement Zone Specialized Services

RESALE BOOST: Selling your home can be a challenge. You must present your home in the best possible way to potential buyers. Improvement Zone has over 30 years of home buying and selling experience. Improvement Zone puts ideas and talent to work for you.


HOME PULSE: Home Pulse keeps your home safe, healthy and in good condition. The first step is a free evaluation covering all aspects of your home, from the roof to the basement. You receive a copy of the evaluation for review. Then we meet with you to choose the plan that works best for you, your home or property, and your budget.


At Improvement Zone, our first priority is excellent customer service. We are committed to providing a timely, trustworthy, and trouble-free experience.